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Agency Membership


By becoming a Big "I" member, you have made a commitment to building and strengthening the independent agency system.  It is your commitment to spreading the values that independent agents bring to their customers and community.  It is your commitment to growing as an agent, business and professional.

Being an IIAWV/IIABA member, there will be someone to actively pursue your needs as an independent agent by keeping you informed within the insurance industry, provide you with opportunities for education and professional development, to advocate on your behalf and to provide you with the resources to give your agency a competitive advantage.




FREE CE with Membership 

2 Hours of Membership CE 

We are thrilled to be able to offer our members two hours of CE credit just for being a member of the Association! All you have to do to qualify is to be with an agency that is in good standing with their IIAWV membership.

To take advantage of this new member benefit, please send us your employees legal names and agent license numbers. Once we receive your information, we will submit 2 hours of CE credits for you.

FREE 6 Hour CE E&O Seminar Course 

We host a FREE E&O Seminar once a year. We are currently planning our next 6 Hour Seminar light breakfast and lunch provided. 

Also, this course qualifies agencies with a Big "I" Professional Liability Policy with a discount on their E&O premium may be earned by attending the approved loss control seminar. The credit is applicable for 3 consecutive policy terms, provided that the agency remains claim-free during that time period. To determine your specific requirement, refer to the chart below:

Staff SizeWho Must AttendTotal #
11 Active Agency *Principal1
2 - 7
1 Active Agency* Principal 1 Producer or CSR2


8 - 20

1 Active Agency *Principal

1 Active Agency *Principal, Producer or Office Mngr. 2 Producers or CSR's




21 - 50

1 Active Agency *Principal

1 Active Agency *Principal, Producer or Office Mngr. 1 Producer or CSR

3 Producers or CSR's




51 +

  1. Active Agency *Principal
  2. Active Agency *Principals, Producer or Office Mngr. 2 CSR's

    5 Producers or CSR's



For a current Membership Contract, simply Email Traci Nelson @ 

or call 304.342.2440 and request your Independent Agent Membership kit