Agency Business Resources

IIAWV Career Center
Locating and retaining experienced insurance agency staff in West Virginia can be difficult and we would like to help.  If you are a member agency or company affiliate and would like to post a job opening, just visit the IIAWV Career Center.
Agency Technology
The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Web site is designed to provide practical technology information for independent agents and brokers and to describe more about the ACT initiative. ACT is a partnership of independent agents, companies, technology vendors, user groups and associations dedicated to enhancing the use of technology and improved work flows within the Independent Agency System. 

At the ACT web site, agents will find reports providing a vision of the future for agency technology, the recommended next steps for implementation, case studies of successful agency technology implementations, informative agency technology seminars, checklists, articles, and other publications.
Privacy Information
Tools to assists agents and brokers with complying with the privacy requirements contained in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).  These tools include an overview of the GLBA, a sample disclosure notice developed especially for Missouri agents, and an Opt Out Form for Remarketing Business.
Best Practices
IIABA's Best Practices Tools  are available to improve your agency's performance. The Best Practices initiative evolved by asking top rated agencies how they got where they are. IIABA provides a complete family of Best Practices tools, workshops, and services to help your agency reach its full potential. Best Practices can help you understand the past, analyze the present and formulate a strategy for the future. To obtain the resources you need, scan the list below and click on a topic.
IIABA Virtual University
Access the Big "I" Virtual University and tap into in-depth commerical lines, personal lines, life-health and management solutions. 17,000 pages of in-depth and expertly vetted articles, checklists and white papers. Monthly webinars on topics important to you presented live and recorded. VU also has 50 TOP-NOTCH insurance professionals ready to find the solution you need when you "Ask the Expert".
IIABA Virtual University Newsletter - VU-Point
IIAWV members can receive the best agency management newsletter in the country every two weeks, FREE with membership!  The VU-Point addresses aspects of agency management, commercial and personal lines policy changes, overall marketing strategies, and the latest trends in technology and customer service! To subscribe, visit The IIABA Virtual University.
Company Contract Analysis
IIABA's legal staff is available at no charge to answer your questions regarding company contracts, and has analyzed the contracts of hundreds of companies in the Independent Agency System.  They're just a phone call away at (800) 221-7917.  This valuable service is absolutely free to Big "I" members.