Government Affairs

The IIAWV strives to maintain a vigilant legislative lobbying effort on behalf of the independent insurance agent. This is done through dedicated lobbyist representation during each session of the West Virginia Legislature, as well as maintenance of an active political action committee (WAPAC). IIAWV introduces agent legislative initiatives, monitors bills, and maintains an attentive presence on your behalf. In addition, our national association, IIABA maintains a national lobbying effort on behalf of independent agents, maintains a political action committee (InsurPac), and holds an annual legislative conference to meet with Congressional representatives. To keep members informed on current insurance legislative issues, IIAWV members receive weekly News from inside the Capitol updates from IIAWV during the session.
IIAWV also enjoys an outstanding working relationship with the offices of the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner and his staff. Our volunteer leadership meets regularly with the Commissioner and staff to discuss issues of importance to agents, agencies, and their clients.

News from Inside the Capitol

Legislative Summaries

2017 IIAWV Legislative Summary.pdf

2016 IIAWV Legislative Summary.pdf

2015 IIAWV Legislative Summary.pdf

2014 IIAWV Legislative Summary.pdf